The Law of Personal Injuries

the-law-of-personal-injuries-bookThe Law of Personal injuries is the leading Irish legal text on the area, and is co-authored by Barry Scannell of our personal injuries team. The Second Edition of The Law of Personal Injuries is due to be published in 2016.

Dealing with all areas of personal injuries law legislatively, procedurally and jurisprudentially, this book provides a detailed and comprehensive review of the law and procedures and is written in a direct and accessible manner with legal practitioners in mind. In-depth and up-to-date analysis of the law and the civil process make this book a must-have for those involved in the law of personal injuries. It:

  • ¬†Utilises jurisprudence and, in particular, concentrates on recent developments in case-law to exemplify the legal issues involved in the various types of personal injuries actions which may be encountered by a practitioner;
  • Analyses and illustrates the legislative changes which have taken place in the area of personal injuries;
  • Effectively summarises and explains all the procedural elements relating to personal injuries actions and any dealings with the Injuries Board, in conjunction with an analysis of the legal rules and procedures which arise at each stage of the personal injuries litigation process.


Personal Injuries Assessment Board, Duty of Care and Negligence, Damages and Quantum, Occupier’s Liability, Occupational Injuries, Road Traffic Accidents, Medical Negligence, Fatal Injuries, Assaults and Batteries, Psychiatric Injuries, Strict Liability, Specialised Tribunals, Infants, Insurance, Fraudulent Claims, Holiday Accidents and Process and Procedure.